"I have body issues, I don’t like showing my arms but I’ve been showing them this whole tour. At least I have arms because I have a really good friend named Spencer that […] I’m just thankful to have arms." -Demi Lovato


Demi is SUCH an inspiration. I’m so proud that she is able to show her arms now, and hopefully she can inspire other girls with body issues to gain the confidence to start thinking this way and be comfortable in their own skin. 


camila cabello is way too good for this horrible world full of shitty stuff please protect her at all costs

One risk that’s always worth taking is: falling desperately, stupidly, hopelessly in love.

I have got to stop staying up until 4am worrying about what I’m gonna do with my life.

I love pretending to be rich in my mind while I look at fancy houses.

No one hates small towns as much as me and that’s my fucking problem.

Asami Zdrenka of Neon Jungle attends the Girlguiding Big Gig 2014 at Wembley Arena on October 4, 2014 in London, United Kingdom.

Ally literally looks like a saint.

"Small towns: what’s the fucking point?" My new book, coming soon to a store near you.

dear john, i see it all now that you’re gone…

Small towns are time warps. Like even the people who are sort of in the 21st century are still laughing at jokes from 2006. And their radio stations always still play I kissed a girl. That’s the most relevant song they have.


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1. What a beautiful day it was!

2. Playground photos = ❤